About the Company

Beautifully Fed, LLC, (BF), is a multimedia platform that explores the abundant ways women of color feed themselves and their communities beautifully.  And where they encourage one another to be FULLY fed in all aspects of our lives. 

Beautifully Fed celebrates our diverse cultures, honors the wisdom of our bodies and the traditions of our ancestors to heal and comfort ourselves. We believe that how we feed ourselves is how we LIVE! Food doesn’t enter our bodies through our mouths alone. 

We consume food in so many other ways … through social media, it’s what we give and receive in our relationships, our spirituality, physical activity, from the communities we create … it’s ALL the things. 

What’s been sustaining us and keeping us beautifully fed these days is co-creating programs in partnership with some of the amazing people in our lives. Co-creation generates an energy that is so powerful, fun, and impactful that it’s bursting with possibilities and begging to be shared. 

Our Vision

We aim to improve health literacy and behavioral change outcomes in Black and Latinx communities by promoting conscious living through the mind, body, and spirit in our programs and in Beautifully Fed, The Magazine

We choose to focus on the woman because we know when the woman is Beautifully Fed, the family is Beautifully Fed, and when the FAMILY is Beautifully Fed, the community is Beautifully Fed, and when the COMMUNITY is Beautifully Fed, the WORLD is Beautifully Fed. 

Our mission is for Beautifully Fed to be a global lifestyle brand/influencer promoting conscious living – retail products, quality content, books, curated events, and a magazine that is both global and regional to inspire women to find small and big ways in their work, homes, lives and communities to feed themselves that makes them feel nourished, whole and beautiful.

Future Plans

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