“What happened the last (or most memorable) time you brought food into the bedroom for sexy time…” ?

My boyfriend and I were having a fun, decadent night drinking champagne and eating strawberries and melted chocolate off of one another. The fun stopped when he decided to pour champagne “down there”. I screamed like I was on fire and made him lick and suck the pain away. He was down there a long time. And we both learned never to bring acid near the pum-pum again.

I was eating sushi with a guy I was dating and I thought “I wonder if putting wasabi on my vulva while you go down on me will help me feel the sensations more because it’s spicy.”

He went down on me with the wasabi in his mouth. Honestly, I didn’t really feel anything different, but I immediately got a UTI.

In my late teen years, I decided to do a sort of clinical experiment to see what effect various foods had in blow jobs. I think I tried wintergreen mints or something else like pop rocks, and I believe the mints had more of an impact on the blowjob recipient. I hope someone goes out and does that work so we can all learn!

I was in high school, I think, and my boyfriend at the time wanted to put a grape inside me. It went way too far up! We got scared and he called his mom. It was horrible. 

One day me and my boyfriend went to the candy store and bought a bunch of candy. Later on that night we wanted to try something spontaneous which was giving head with my favorite candy (cotton candy) needless to say it was a sweet outcome.